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EcoStandard Group today is...

1. The first organization of the Russian Federation accredited in the International Community on amenity planting U.S. Green Building.

2. The widest spectrum of environmental services in the Russian Federation.

3. More than 6 000 clients for ten years' history of the Company.

4. Its own chemical-physical testing center equipped with the modern equipment.

5. The official environmental consultant on construction of the Olympic objects Sochi-2014.

6. More than 30 leading scientific-research centers are the Company partners.

7. The first company in Russia offering a complex of services for elimination of various kinds of environmental contamination.

8. Modern information environmental center EcoMedia actively cooperating with all leading mass-media, including TV channels: "The First Channel", "Russia", "NTV", "TVC", "Capital", "TNT", "Home", "STS"; radio stations: "Mayak-FM", "Radio Russia", "Radio Echo of Moscow", "City-FM"; newspapers: "Vedomosti", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Gazeta", "Moscovsky Komsomolets", "Arguments and facts", and many others.

9. Its own system of eco-labelling of different products and services based on high-grade laboratory-analytical research which is already reputable for the consumers.

10. The first company which has proposed professional approach for development of environmental aspects of PR strategies.

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